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Used Office Furniture For Sale..

Looking for quality second hand used office furniture in Montreal, Canada or the US?

          Tras Office Solutions has what you need with a constantly revolving stock of quality used office furniture (for sale or rent) in the largest office furniture warehouse showroom in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  In need used office furniture but I'm not in Montreal.

          We are the largest dealer of used office furniture; and we sell  it all under one roof where you'll find everything needed to run your business; from used chairs, desks, conference tables and executive suites to used panels, computers , filing cabinets and accessories...
          Wondering...Why should I buy used office furniture?

Looking to buy new office furniture?

Choose by category below or search our site for specific products. 

Some of our New Office Furniture Manufacturers:

ALB, Artelite, Artopex, Burokale, Global Contract Systems,Descor, D.S.I., Gardex, Global,   Horizon, HumanScale,  Idea@Work,   Keilhauer, K.I., Lacasse, L.D.F., Lincora, Links, LSI, Metalware, Mobilium, Nightingale, Office Star, Perfix, Standard Desk, Star Quality, Tayco, Tella, Xception, and more... 

Choose from the categories of Used Office Furniture below:

Used Office Furniture
Come visit us to see our entire collection!

Why should I buy Used office furniture instead of new?

  • Used office furniture costs less than new:  Tras obtains all it's used goods from downsizings, bankruptcies and closings of all kinds at pennies on the dollar and then passes those savings on to you!

  • New furniture will depreciate from 25 - 50% of it's original cost: as soon as you take it out of the box new furniture begins to depreciate in value.   Used furniture comparatively retains much more of it's value after purchase thus making it a better investment overall.

  • High quality Used office furniture costs about the same as low quality new office furniture:   High quality office furniture costs a lot of money.  Most companies can't afford the cost of brand new high quality office furniture and due to budgetary constraints are forced to equip themselves with new (albeit cheap/low quality) furniture.  Cheap furniture breaks, has no resale value, doesn't look as good and doesn't feel as good.  Well made Used office furniture is more ergonomic and comfortable; not only will you reap the benefits in initial cost savings but you'll also see productivity increase as your staff are happier and better able to function in a comfortable ergonomic work environment.

  • Used office furniture has proven itself:  Like most things, furniture, if it's going to break, will usually do so in the first month or two of use.  With new furniture you have to learn the hard way what's going to break and what isn't; then you have to lose the use of it while it's being repaired costing you time and money in lost man hours and shipping costs (yes sometimes even when it's under warranty).  By purchasing quality used office furniture you save yourself the hassle as used furniture has withstood the test of time and is much less likely to give you problems in the future.

  • Buying Used office furniture places less strain on the environment and our natural resources:  Yes that's right, recycling used office furniture back into the marketplace prevents that furniture from taking up space in landfills, saves energy, removes the need for further polluting the environment by processing more raw materials to create new office furniture.  

  • No delay in purchasing used office furniture:  Used office furniture is in stock and available for immediate shipping unlike new office furniture where you look at the catalogs and floor models, choose the colors and fabrics you want then wait for weeks or even months while the furniture is manufactured, and shipped to you.  No delays in purchasing your used office equipment and furniture and having it delivered immediately means no down time, no interruptions, no delays,  no need to waste time tracking shipments and following up with sales staff to see where your order is.

Isn't all used office furniture damaged or dirty? 
  • NO!  As a matter of fact, if you come to the Tras used office furniture warehouse/showroom you'll have trouble distinguishing the difference between most of our new and used office furniture.  At Tras, Used office furniture can vary in age from being a few weeks to a few years old. Despite what you've heard or been told, there's nothing wrong with second hand office furniture. 

Where will Tras ship their Used office furniture?

  • Tras will ship used office furniture anywhere in Canada and the United States.  Here's a list of just some of the places where we've shipped our used office furniture and we're going to new places every day:
    Montreal, Quebec Toronto, Ontario
    Moncton, New Brunswick Halifax, Nova Scotia
    DDO, Quebec Pierrefonds, Quebec
    Pointe Claire, Quebec Kirkland, Quebec
    Beaconsfield, Quebec Baie D'Urfe, Quebec
    NDG, Quebec Mont Royal, Quebec
    Quebec City, Quebec Laval, Quebec
    Vancouver, British Columbia Swift Current, Saskatchewan
    Hollywood, California Miami, Florida
    New York, New York Boston, Massachusetts
    Concord, New Hampshire Champagne, Illinois
    Irving, Texas (Near Dallas) Atlanta, Georgia
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hartford, Connecticut
    Burlington, Vermont Chicago, Illinois

* If you can't find a manufacturer that you see listed please contact us .

Limited quantities of used office furniture available. 




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